This is an intense and painful time for our Jewish community.

As a wave of anti-Jewish hate sweeps the nation, we are leading the charge to fight antisemitism—and to promote Jewish pride.
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Acts of antisemitism in the U.S. hit a record high in 2021, a 34% increase over 2020 and more incidents than any other year since the ADL began tracking antisemitic acts in 1979—that's 100% too many. Learn more about these incidents here.

If you see or are subjected to antisemitism, report it immediately.

Here's what JUF is doing—and some resources on how you can learn more and help:

  • Employing social media to fight antisemitism and promote Jewish pride.
    Follow JUF on Facebook and Instagram and JCRC Twitter and share our posts!
  • Continually use our voice and expertise to connect with all major media outlets in the city as a resource and, when needed, for on-air interviews.
  • Equipping college, high school and middle school students with resources to understand the language and advocate for Israel—and themselves as American Jews.

    Learn more about the connection between antisemitism and anti-Zionism and engaging in conversation around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    Continuing to host educational sessions for synagogues, civic organizations, and people who just want help talking about antisemitism with their friends, colleagues and kids.

    Stay informed—and schedule a session for your group. Contact jcrc1@juf.org.

  • Engaging elected officials in the U.S. Congress and the Illinois General Assembly—and thanking those members of Congress speaking out for Israel and against antisemitism.
    Contact Members of Congress to express your support.
  • Coordinating opposition to proposed anti-Israel statements in some religious and academic arenas.
  • Briefing Jewish employees at some of Chicago’s largest tech, investment and law firms to help them address issues of Israel and antisemitism in the workplace.

For more resources on how to fight antisemitism, visit actagainstantisemitism.org and our friends at ADL.org