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Everything about Norman is first rate. The casting is superb, beginning with Richard Gere as Norman and Lior Ashkenazi as Micha Eshel.

Spring brings two new documentary films from Israel to Chicago. One I loved. The other? No so much.

On Sunday (February 12), you can choose between two wonderful films or see both!

Now in its eleventh year, the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (CFIC) has nabbed its greatest programming coup to date.

One could dismiss Denial as “just another film about the Holocaust” (as some of my fellow film critics have already done), but I sincerely believe that would totally miss the point.

If you have seen already Labyrinth of Lies, then you are obligated to see The People vs Fritz Bauer as a corrective. If you have not yet seen Labyrinth of Lies, then don’t. See The People vs Fritz Bauer, and you will be glad that you did.

A Tale of Love and Darkness is Natalie Portman’s adaptation of the memoir Amos Oz published in 2004.

Three new films of potential interest to Jewish cinefiles open in Metro Chicago on Friday, July 22.

On paper, artist Eva Hesse’s biography reads like a 20th century nightmare cooked up by a Jewish screenwriter.

Anthony Weiner's public demise -- brilliantly captured in the award-winning new documentary Weiner -- is a tawdry tale of our times.

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