Campus Israel Weeks celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut

Campuses across Illinois celebrated Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel's Independence Day, by hosting "Israel Weeks" - a series of weeklong festivities celebrating Israeli culture, peoplehood and history. 

Metro Chicago Hillel, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago all hosted Israel Weeks. 

"Israel Week at Northwestern functions not only to celebrate Israel's existence and achievements, but also to stimulate nuanced thought about the current state of Israel at 70," said Ariel Sheffey, JUF's Israel Education Center intern at Northwestern. "Provoking a campus-wide dialogue, Israel Week is a way to open up the conversation surrounding Israel to as many people as possible, urging participants to diversify their opinions, consider new perspectives, and learn about the many facets that comprise Israel as it is today."

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