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Explore new Jewish artistic ventures in Chicago this summer in this compilation.


Orringer lays out the story of a complicated man, a Harvard-educated WASP and journalist by profession, whose earlier life was hardly predictive of his mission in war-torn Europe, which he had come to see as a moral imperative.

Fitness at 40 and beyond photo

I still train hard in my 40s, but as I’ve gotten older my focus has shifted from pounding weights to more band and body weight exercises, balance training, recovery, and cardio.

turi ryder

Ryder has been entertaining and informing radio audiences on rock, country, and talk radio stations for 30-plus years.

frankel veggies

Many home cooks view vegetables as a side dish and often as an afterthought, but I think summer is the perfect time to lighten up meals and go full-on veggie.

grant park orchestra

Here is a closer look at events "with a Jewish twist" planned for both the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park and the Grant Park Music Festival in Chicago's Millennium Park.

farmers market

Thinking in bulk and other tips for making the most of your next trip to the market.

jewish plays june 2019

'Augie March,' "Wiesenthal,' 'Hitler's Tasters' and 'The Flower of Hawaii' are the highlights of Chicago's Jewish-themed performance schedule in June and July

Tables Turned on Them photo 1

More than 70 years after World War II, historians and others with an interest in the deadliest conflict to date continue to unearth new information.


In new anthology, two Jewish Chicago women show girls everywhere that government is attainable career choice 

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