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The photographs of Steve Schapiro and Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins.

cauliflower 790

How to throw the perfect fried and low-carb holiday Laura Frankel Arts November 29, 2018 Holiday season is upon us and I am prepping my frying pans with a good scrub and stocking my pantry with good quality extra virgin olive oil, cauliflower, and more.  On a diet? Me too! I ha

israeli soul

The latest cookbook from the creators of the award-winning "Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking" highlights an epic eight-day trip through Israel.

Kosher options

Azari Deli in Evanston offers a full-service deli with a wide range of pre-made kosher foods.

Joan Nathan

There is literally a world of traditional Jewish recipes throughout the diaspora as varied and creative as Jews themselves.

In today’s foodie-obsessed culture, is Jewish food relevant? photo

These days—deep into the country’s foodie revolution—chefs are the rock stars.

Elevated Israeli cuisine photo

While we have always enjoyed a vibrant Middle Eastern culinary scene here, with exceptional restaurants focused on every culture from Yemeni to Persian to Lebanese, things seem to be picking up speed in recent years.


For me, there is nothing more comforting than a pot of soup or a long slow-cooked stew on the stove.

sarvas ate9

An artist that muses on the past and a choreographer in search of the new.

Books about stolen treasures photo

Memento Park, this year’s selection for Chicago’s celebration of Jewish Book Month, is fiction. But its storyline provides a glimpse into the very real complexities surrounding artwork that was stolen, lost, or sold under duress during extraordinary circumstances in World War II.

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