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Nate Harris zoom cooking

The hottest kitchen utensil? The webcam

Tacos Gingi

Local kosher restaurants retool during the pandemic


Jewish superstar chef Jamie Geller dishes about her culinary creations.


Meet Jewish artist Jessica Siskin, whose unusual medium has made her an Instagram sensation.


“As a Jewish organization, it is incumbent upon us to bring an understanding of issues that concern the wider community and find a way to connect people”


A few of the artistic treats that will bring light and joy


 Chicago portraitist Riva Lehrer publishes memoir


Try a virtual Jewish cooking class 

What's cookin'?

We asked the Chicago Jewish community to tell us what they’ve been cooking and baking during the pandemic. Here’s what they said…

Sebastian Maniscalco

JUF’s Young Leadership Division’s annual event will be virtual Jan. 23   

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