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The Talmud tells us that “a father is obligated to teach his son (and daughter) how to swim."

This week, the recent frictions between Iran and Israel in Syria escalated as Iran, for the first time in its history, launched a direct attack of twenty rocket into Israel, targeting IDF bases on the Golan Heights.


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I encourage you to give thanks for your mom, living or not, and think about what makes her special to you.

Hamas has a desire to not live in peace beside Israel, but to replace the Jewish state with a Palestinian one, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

As Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary, we reflect back if for no other reason than because round anniversaries are often a good opportunity to—well, reflect back.


Many of us have only read about the creation of the Jewish state in history books. But Nehemiah didn’t just read about Israel’s founding—he was there to witness it.

 What Winston Churchill said about Russia—it’s a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma – would be an understatement applied to Syria today.

 For the first time in our state, and only the fourth time in the country, two local middle schools will offer Hebrew as a world language option.


In this season of Passover, what do we wish to free ourselves from spiritually ? What -- far from Mizrayim, or Egypt -- still shackles us?

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It has become fashionable to suggest that the last few years in America have witnessed unprecedented levels of divisiveness among political partisans.

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