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Less than a month after the horrific attack in Pittsburgh, it is the week of Thanksgiving, and my usual feelings of joyous anticipation are tempered by a heavy heart.


When tragedy strikes home, we find moments of healing where we can—often in encounters with one another. 


Jewish teachings command us to give to those less fortunate than ourselves. 

Many pundits have already designated 2018 “the year of the woman.”


One of my favorite holiday traditions doesn't draw as much attention as the others--called Tashlich--the custom of casting breadcrumbs, symbolizing our sins, into the water.


Under the chuppah, I felt my grandfather embracing my beloved and me—with the help of that tallit wrapped around us.

encompass danny

As Danny’s mom, I know that nothing feeds the soul of a young adult with an interest in (borderline obsession with) aviation and classical music like sitting under the stars on a clear summer evening listening to “Rhapsody in Blue.”

Nothing messes with the angst meter of an American Jew like a trip to Old Europe and Israel, says JUF President Steven B. Nasatir.


Under cover of the night, Israel helped transfer 800 Syrians out of harm's way in the deadly Syrian civil war to safety in neighboring Jordan.

It's the idea behind the new book 'Biblical Psychotherapy: Reclaiming Scriptural Narratives for Positive Psychology and Suicide Prevention.'

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