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COVID-19 has upended our daily routines and transformed life as we know it, but It also offers us a moment of great clarity about what matters most: Health. Family. Community. 


The army teaches you to act as a unit


A local urban farmer reveals the connections between Judaism and food justice.

Perhaps what will spur us to act is the stark realization that disability is not about the ‘other.’

Guest column

Unless we can physically secure our Jewish facilities where the Jewish future is incubated, that future itself will be insecure. 

Sometimes, changing the world, or a mind, depends upon how you tell your story

“Never let a teachable moment go by.” That was my grandmother’s life-motto. 

Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin 790

The third Women's March is approaching, but Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin says the national leaders embrace of anti-Semitism must be a major concern for even staunch supporters of the movement.

Less than a month after the horrific attack in Pittsburgh, it is the week of Thanksgiving, and my usual feelings of joyous anticipation are tempered by a heavy heart.

encompass danny

As Danny’s mom, I know that nothing feeds the soul of a young adult with an interest in (borderline obsession with) aviation and classical music like sitting under the stars on a clear summer evening listening to “Rhapsody in Blue.”

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