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 The White House recently announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) would soon sign an agreement normalizing relations. 


A new Israeli government was finally sworn in on May 17.

Knesset building

… and it will be “new” in many ways

Ofter Bavly headshot small

"We overcame Pharaoh; we shall overcome this, too"

Israeli entertainment

The Israeli entertainment industry has started making memorable and high-grossing films and TV shows.

Military music was never about peace and co-existence; rather, it was often attached to violent, even gory imagery.


We concluded that the next flagship project would again support education, this time laser-focused on STEM education.

Israel's Ethiopian community, then and now


The next election will be April 9, 2019.


Under cover of the night, Israel helped transfer 800 Syrians out of harm's way in the deadly Syrian civil war to safety in neighboring Jordan.

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