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almond flour

I love everything about Passover -- except the matzah. 

hallel vzimra

“Hallel v’Zimra" assembled more than 70 clergy, artists, and scholars from around the world to share their views and expertise on the crucial role of Jewish music in prayer.

Gauthier Dance

Gauthier Dance brings its ‘Mega Israel’ program to Chicago, a new Ben Hecht biography, and at tribute to Chicago's Dame Libby Komaiko.


'The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt: The Tyranny of Truth' inspired a new exhibition at Spertus.


The book is part-memoir, part case study, and part-meditation on the intricacies and nuances of the therapeutic process and relationship between patient and therapist.


Abigail Pogrebin's journey through the Jewish calendar—and the lessons she learned along the way


Making simple sauces can take the winter doldrums out of any dish and brighten up your plate and palate.

Winter Hunt

Curated by JCC Chicago, this year’s festival boasts a world premiere, a dozen Midwest premieres, and four Chicago premieres. Several of the screenings will feature appearances by directors and cast members.


A local artist draws inspiration from a variety of Jewish sources.

A music three

Broadway master Alan Menken takes to the stage; Idan Raichel visits City Winery Chicago; and ‘An American Dream’ heads to the Harris Theater.

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