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The foods of Persia are exotic and reflect thousands of years of tradition.

J. Saper

Jacqueline Saper, born in 1961 in Iran, grew up during a golden age for Jews in that country.


Think of this month's column as a wide-ranging Jewish portrait gallery...


New book Remix Judaism offers a new outlook on Jewish traditions for modern observers.

Learn three fun new recipes for chocolate to enjoy this winter!

Catch up on the latest Jewish and Jewish-inspired performance art and more in Chicago this winter.


‘We're really proud of how (attendance) has grown from 800 people the first year to over 17 thousand this past year’

my glory

If February is about hearts and love, then there could be no more appropriate book than Amy Silverstein’s 2017 memoir, My Glory Was I Had Such Friends.


Plus, my Backseat Salad and Sufganiyot recipes.

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