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One of the things I love most about my job is getting to report on a community I'm proud to be a part of. 

Sometimes I'll visit a Chicago Jewish home--maybe for Shabbat dinner or a holiday--and play a little game where I scan the room to find the current edition of JUF News.

I might spot the oversized magazine peeking out from a pile of mail beckoning to be opened. Other times I'll find it perched on its owner's coffee table. And I'll admit that I've even noticed the publication stacked with other reading material in the bathroom, which might, in a strange way, be the highest compliment of all. Still other times, it gives this editor great nachas to see an article from the magazine cut out and prominently magnetized to the host's refrigerator.

Encountering the magazine at Jewish homes across the Chicago area tells our JUF News staff that you're reading our publication and finding its content relevant to your lives.

We also know you're reading because you told us so in droves. This past spring, we encouraged you to fill out a survey about JUF News and its websites,,, and We asked you to tell us what you like and what we could do better.

And you did. We heard back from hundreds of you, both through the mail and online, and we're implementing some of your feedback to make JUF News more engaging, informative, useful, and attractive than ever before.

As part of our evolution, this month, we're thrilled to launch a brand new look to JUF News. You'll notice we're 100% in color! We're glossy! And we're a bit smaller-an inch shorter in height-too! Your reading experience will feel more like a magazine, with more features and higher-quality photographs. Plus, you'll find more synergy between our print and electronic publications.

There are lots of changes around here, but one constant has been the longstanding relationship we've enjoyed with our printer, J.B. Kenehan (a shout out to Mike Laemmrich, Vicki Hollenberg, and Lynn Bentz) based in Beaver Dam, Wisc. In the age of major competition in the printing industry, we're fortunate to work with a company that appreciates our business and always strives to do stellar work at a fair price.

We might look a little different, but our heart and soul remain the same. Our mission at the magazine has and always will be to inform, enlighten, and engage you with news about the mission of JUF/JF and what's unfolding every day in our local community, Israel, and the rest of the Jewish world in ways you can't access through any other media.

No matter how we grow as a publication, whatever cosmetic changes we make, we'll continue to be here sharing compelling stories about you living your Jewish lives.

Posted: 6/29/2012 01:36:51 PM

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