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Chicago law enforcement leaders travel to Israel with JUF

Chicago’s most senior commanders and leaders of public safety agencies are in Israel, learning and sharing what professionals call “intelligence-led policing techniques and responses to critical events.”

CPD Israel mission image
Pictured alongside a new, specially equipped Israeli police van, are participants in the 2010 CPD, JUF Israel Law Enforcement Seminar: Lt. Mark Marianovich, Chief of Staff Michael Masters, Executive Director Jose Santiago, Assistant Deputy Superintendent Steve Georgas, Jay Tcath, Sgt. Raymond Hamilton, Israeli Consulate Vice Consul Arik Mordehay.

This week the Jewish United Fund, in cooperation with Israel’s Ministries of Police and Foreign Affairs, and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet),  is sponsoring an intensive seminar in Israel for the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC).

For the second year in a row, Chicago’s most senior commanders and leaders of public safety agencies are in Israel, learning and sharing what the professionals call “intelligence-led policing techniques and responses to critical events.”

This JUF, CPD, Israeli partnership is a vibrant, results-oriented example of how the strategic partnership between the United States and Israel benefits both countries. Sharing resources, technology and training are just some of the ways these democratic allies help one another to achieve their shared goals of peace and security. This year's trip builds upon a similar one last year.*

Concluding shortly, the trip has featured briefings by Israeli security experts and senior Foreign Ministry diplomats. Site visits included security HQs and training facilities; Sderot; the Old City of Jerusalem's police command center; checkpoints for people, vehicles and cargo; as well as viewing a major live police exercise with helicopters, horse mounted police, snipers, the K-9 unit and other resources involved in the monitoring, interdiction and detaining of cross-border infiltrators.

Representing the Chicago police are Chief of Staff Michael Masters; Assistant Deputy Superintendent Steve Georgas (commands the Special Functions Group: SWAT team, marine, K-9, critical response, mounted patrol, helicopter, and dignitary protection); SWAT Coordinator Lieutenant Mark Marianovich; and Head of Policy Research Sgt. Raymond Hamilton. Also joining the delegation is Jose Santiago, Executive Director of the city's Office of Emergency Management and Communication (the 911 Center). Accompanying the Chicago law enforcement professionals are Israeli Vice Consul Arik Mordehay and JUF Senior Vice President Jay Tcath.

CPD Chief of Staff Masters, reflecting half-way through the trip, observed: "The Chicago Police Department is proud of its strong partnership with other law enforcement agencies, around the world, as well as its relationships closer to home with community non-profits that also serve all Chicagoans like the JUF. We have developed a particularly strong relationship with Israeli law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies and officials. This timely visit, building upon the lessons gleamed from last year's trip, allows us to meet, train with and exchange information and ideas with Israeli counterparts that allows both sides to learn and benefit. The CPD is today more effective operationally and tactically as a result of these two trips and the enduring partnership with our Israeli institutional and individual counterparts. "
JUF's Tcath added that, "helping connect and thereby improve the work of both Israeli and Chicago law enforcement is a natural and significant role for JUF, committed as we are to the safety and well-being of both our own community and the Jewish state. From advising us on ways to enhance the physical security of our Jewish community's institutions to the helping us ensure the safety of JUF events -- everything from dinners to pro-Israel rallies -- we are grateful for the concern and extraordinary commitment of the CPD."

* Participants in the 2009 trip were Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Patrol, Daniel Dugan; Chief of Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence, Bureau of Investigative Services, Patrick Daly; Chief of the Organized Crime Division, Bureau of Investigative Services, Ernest Brown, and; Commander of the Mobile Strike Force and SWAT, Bureau of Patrol, James Roussell. Accompanying the Chicago policemen were JUF’s Senior Vice President Jay Tcath and Assistant Executive Director of the Jewish Federation's Facilities' Corporation.

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