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An Open Letter to Our Jewish Community

A Special Message to the Community

This is not a fundraising letter -- it is an update to keep you informed on how JUF is addressing the pandemic on behalf of our community.

These are uncertain, challenging times for the world, our country, Israel, and our community.

Your JUF will fulfill the mandate of "kol yisrael arevim zeh b'zeh" (all of Israel are responsible for one another). Our shared Jewish values provide a roadmap for weathering this coronavirus storm. As always, we translate those values into actions that define us: saving lives, caring for the sick and performing acts of loving kindness.

Obviously, it is not business as usual. JUF, like others, has cancelled public events. But we remain very much open for business to help the hungry, the sick and others at-risk.

The stock market's decline has shaken many. Combined with other economic displacements, we are anticipating a dramatic increase in requests for emergency cash assistance for medications, rent, utilities, food, and other essentials.

JUF stands ready to help.

Powered by a strong community-wide annual campaign built precisely for moments such as these, JUF already has:

  • Provided over $1 million in cash advances to our local agencies;
  • Established a pool of additional funds to specifically address coronavirus-related organizational expenses;
  • Launched a new volunteer database for those in low risk categories looking to lend a hand, and;
  • Coordinated agency planning to provide integrated human service responses.

If someone you know needs a connection to social services, please have them call: 855‑ASK‑JCFS (855‑275‑5237).

Entrusted with the sacred stewardship of communal  tzedakah , we have obligations to donors, the agencies we fund and those they serve. In this environment all nonprofits have concerns about lost revenue, raising funds, and making payroll.

This community has confronted many challenges. Our organizations are resilient. We have never failed to marshal the resources to do what is needed. We will do so again now.

Even as we no longer gather during this pandemic as a community at synagogues, JCCs, Hillels and other venues, we will continue coming together in other critical ways, providing support to each other and for the vital organizations and synagogues that give so much life to this lively community.

Yes, these are uncertain, challenging times. What is certain is that -- together -- we will meet the challenge. We will keep you apprised of communal needs, the ways we are helping and how you can, too.


Andrew S. Hochberg           Lonnie Nasatir
Chairman of the Board         President

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