Stories from around the Chicago-area Jewish community.

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A new class of leaders immerses itself in Jewish learning to help them guide the community's future


Today’s grandparents carry tremendous influence over their grandchildren, passing on generations-old traditions of serving those less fortunate.

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The Fund is a major new initiative to take Jewish engagement to a transformational level in Chicago

Over Nasatir's four decades at the helm, JUF has grown to be one of the largest and most efficient charitable organizations in the country.

Seymour Rifkind

As for where he gets his hard-working, never-give-up attitude, Rifkind attributes much of it to being the son of a Holocaust survivor.

I didn’t 'get' dogs until I got dogs photo

When my husband and I started dating a decade ago, I pretended to like dogs and he pretended to like sushi.


A new Jewish marriage counseling program seeks to guide couples through marital troubles with Jewish values.


Local synagogues and agencies prepare for Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month and an inclusive future ahead.


A family's ritual of saying the Shema at bedtime brings peace to a chaotic life.

650 students at nine suburban schools take Hebrew as their world language. Enrollment for next year is going on now.

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