Hundreds of Israelis, angry with police violence at home, protest the George Floyd killing in Tel Aviv Carolyn Becker, 83, was looking forward to life’s next chapter Breaking China: A rupture looms between Israel and the United States Jewish activists in Minneapolis shift from working on several issues to one: Responding to the George Floyd protests ‘I’m not angry at all’: Owner of looted Chicago photo shop vows to rebuild 130 Jewish groups, ‘outraged’ by George Floyd killing, pledge to fight systemic racism Los Angeles Jews take stock after George Floyd protests batter local institutions Dutch chief rabbi slams Amsterdam mayor for ignoring social distancing at mass Black Lives Matter protest Russian-Israeli billionaire Roman Abramovich buys estate in Israel for record $64.5 million Prime Minister’s Office employee who has the coronavirus may have had contact with Netanyahu Slow down annexation process, Jared Kushner and other US officials tell Netanyahu
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Together, JUF Annual Campaign donors raised record $89 million for those in need here and around the globe.

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“The Haggadah," he says, "is a capsule of what Judaism is all about”—history, freedom, and family.  

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