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Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living

1185 Sheridan Road
Glencoe, IL 60022
Phone: 847-835-3232
Email: aitzhayim@gmail.com
Web: https://www.aitzhayim.org
Contact: Todd Jacobs, Executive Director

For twenty-nine years Aitz Hayim has been an innovative community making Jewish living inviting and accessible to all who are interested. We believe Jewish thinking is sophisticated, nuanced, and useful in navigating our complex lives and unstable world. We have developed services that are interactive, informal, and open to challenging ideas. Being a lay-driven, non-authoritarian community enables us to own our own Judaism. Studying with scholars, innovative thinkers, or activists who are using their Judaism to change the world gives us depth and insight in directing our energy and commitments. Taking responsibility for each other makes us more caring people. We draw on the liturgy to open up hidden inner feelings, never as rote exercises with responsive readings. Music stimulates personal expression, not passive withdrawal. Whether you are oriented towards being with us for Shabbat, High Holidays, or special events, the Aitz Hayim path will fill your head and your heart.

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The Synagogue Security Council of North America

The Synagogue Security Council of North America is a 501c3 non-profit organization singularly focused on developing effective volunteer first responders within our own communities. SSCNA's mission is to make our synagogues and Jewish institutions safer by providing lifesaving skills and technology to committed community members, helping to cultivate cost-free, capable and effective first responders within every minyan. We do this by providing standardized technology systems, real-time intelligence, training and certification programs to community volunteers, giving them the necessary tools and skills to help prevent or respond to a targeted attack.

Rabbi Shmuel Katz, C.M.

Rabbi Shmuel Katz is a certified Mohel, recognized internationally. Practicing since 2014, he has performed hundreds of circumcisions and procedures across the United States of America, England & Israel.

Rachael's Creations

Handmade, unique Judaica crafted from polymer clay, including mezuzah cases, shabbat candle stick sets, menorahs and seder plates. Pieces are adorned with a variety of elements including wire, beads, stones, mica powders and alcohol inks. Many gifts can be personalized with English or Hebrew letters.