* Listings with an asterisk are part of the JUF/JF partnership of agencies serving the Chicago and worldwide Jewish community.

Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest

500 W. Madison Street
Suite 3100
Chicago, IL 60661
Phone: (312) 380-8800
Fax: (312) 380-8855
Email: contactus@chicago.mfa.gov.il
Web: http://embassies.gov.il/chicago

The official representative of the government of Israel to the Midwest and its liaison with the Jewish community in 11 states. Israel-related services and programs: informational materials and brochures, cultural publications, events and exhibits; speakers bureau; academic activities (including visiting scholars); referrals on Israel-related questions, passport, visa, and other documentation services.

Twitter: @IsraelinChicago

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Chicago Chassidishe Kollel

The Chicago Chassidishe Kollel is situated in the Beis Medrash of The Chicago Center/Khal Chessed l'avraham. The brain-child of the Zidichoiver Rebbe, the Kollel has been founded nine years ago attracting top yungeleit. And has since become a beacon of Torah, where the Kol Torah reverberates from early morning until late at night. The Kollel has a a full day learning program, in addition to a early morning chaburah, a morning chaburah for retired men, and night seder where one get be set up with a chavrusah in the topic of their choice. All in addition to the multiple other shiurim and minyanim by the Chicago Center.

Gerben Intellectual Property

Gerben Intellectual Property was founded in 2008 and is a full service Intellectual Property Law Firm specializing in trademark & patent law. The firm currently serves clients in all 50 states and from over 30 countries around the world. Gerben Intellectual Property offers a wide range of Intellectual Property Services to businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service to our clients and ensure they stay updated throughout the lengthy registration process.

Darya Lisserman - Realtor