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Birthright Israel: Shorashim *

1415 N. Dayton St., 4DE
Chicago, IL 60642
Phone: 312-267-0677
Fax: 312-276-4739
Email: registration@shorashim.org
Web: http://www.israelwithisraelis.com

Shorashim is a cutting-edge, non-profit organization focused on education & bringing people together while offering a personalized experience in all that we do. We have dedicated more than 35 years to building long-lasting bridges between Americans and Israelis through innovative, immersive adventures. On Shorashim trips, Americans and Israelis explore Israel, together, for the entire Birthright Israel experience. Through authentic encounters & local connection, our participants gain new perspectives by experiencing the culture, people, sites, scenes, outdoors, cities, history, & more in the way that connects to each participant. Since Birthright Israel's inception, we have worked in valued partnership with JUF to offer tailored Birthright Israel adventures to 18-to-32 year olds in the Chicagoland area with all of our Chicago community trips departing from Chicago.

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Rabbi Shmuel Katz, C.M.

Rabbi Shmuel Katz is a certified Mohel, recognized internationally. Practicing since 2014, he has performed hundreds of circumcisions and procedures across the United States of America, England & Israel.

Rachael's Creations

Handmade, unique Judaica crafted from polymer clay, including mezuzah cases, shabbat candle stick sets, menorahs and seder plates. Pieces are adorned with a variety of elements including wire, beads, stones, mica powders and alcohol inks. Many gifts can be personalized with English or Hebrew letters.

Rabbi Menachem Slavaticki

Rabbi Slavaticki is a highly experienced Mohel who has performed numerous circumcisions over the years. He is known for his expertise, professionalism, and compassionate care for both the baby and the family.