Syria Panel

For Syrians -- both refugees and those remaining -- the past five and a half years have been a living nightmare with no end in sight.

Holocaust survivor Ben the Barber retires at age 96 photo 1

More than 60 years of haircuts come with personal stories

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema lands in theaters Nov. 1 photo

Coming to the Festival is like going to Israel itself. If you go once, you’re hooked. There’s so much to see, and something for everyone.

Hebrew School child

We will have many ups and downs, and I will sometimes question the price he is paying, but for now, Idan is stepping forward with an open mind.

Superwoman photo

There’s no quality I admire more than courage, people who have the chutzpah to stand up for what they believe in, what they know to be right, no matter how much external forces try to sway them in the other direction.

Roz Varon

I found the lump, under my arm while in the shower. It was a surreal moment—your gut tells you it’s a tumor, yet you pray with all your might it’s anything but.

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