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Second JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival runs June 20-28

The JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival will bring the Chicago community together to experience 16...

6/9/2015 10:17:51 AM

Debunking the stereotyped shtetl

People misunderstand how Jewish people lived in Eastern European shtetls (a small Jewish town in...

5/28/2015 3:56:12 PM

Orchestrating history

Teen orchestras perform in Israel for the first time 

5/26/2015 4:13:15 PM

Lisa Rivo, co-director of the National Center for Jewish Film, to speak at Spertus

Mamele’s thoroughly urban milieu will astonish you. 

4/27/2015 11:35:38 AM

Sabbath of the horses

Spring has arrived and Derby Day is just around the corner!

4/27/2015 11:18:06 AM

‘A Bintel Brief’

Introducing a beloved advice column of yesterday to a new generation—through art

4/27/2015 10:28:54 AM

An interview with Hadag Nahash at the House of Blues, April, 2005

"Let's hear it for Shmuli!" is not a line one expects from the stage of the House of Blues.

4/8/2015 4:14:14 PM

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and the writings of Stefan Zweig

The movie, which evokes the rise of Nazism and the destruction of Europe, was inspired by the...

4/3/2015 12:43:49 PM

Going 'Above and Beyond'

New documentary tells the story of the unlikely heroes who launched Israel’s Air Force

3/24/2015 2:36:06 PM

Staging a cultural comeback

Jewish theater makes a resurgence in Chicago 

3/24/2015 2:30:02 PM

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