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New collection explores a quarter century of unfolding Jewish history

"Kotzin is an extraordinarily gifted writer and analyst of current affairs." 

10/30/2014 2:21:55 PM

New film chronicles one man who spoke up among the silent

The documentary...tells the story of McDonald...who became a champion of the Jews of Europe...

10/30/2014 12:49:35 PM

Two new novels tell Jewish Chicago women’s tales

One, on bittersweet place, is set, naturally, on Bittersweet Place, an actual Lakeview street just...

10/30/2014 12:34:24 PM

‘Toni and Markus’

Walter Roth honors his father and stepmother in new memoir 

10/30/2014 12:31:26 PM

Reading list: Uncovering Jewish family history

Like "The Family," [these books] all tell of Jewish family histories, many with surprises...

10/30/2014 12:16:32 PM

David Laskin’s ‘The Family’ selected for Chicago Jewish community ‘One Book’ initiative

 "The Family" [is]...a memoir that follows the author's ancestors across the tumultuous sweep of...

10/30/2014 12:09:37 PM

Soups for the Jewish soul

Inspired by  "The Family," Spertus Executive Chef Laura Frankel has prepared a trio of recipes.

10/30/2014 11:58:21 AM

An interview with author David Laskin

David Laskin describes the many surprises he encountered while doing research for "The Family."

10/30/2014 11:41:34 AM

A note on local play 'The Last Sabbath'

The Last Sabbath,” written by Scott Gendell and directed by Scott Weinstein, will be performed at...

10/8/2014 11:01:22 AM

Healing children through the power of art

"Art is one of the most primal instincts in people-art is creation."

10/3/2014 1:42:58 PM

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