Campus Beat

College students experience Israel through Hillel Birthright Israel trips

During the last school year, more than 1,200 Chicago area students visited Israel on a free...

9/24/2015 3:01:25 PM

Community gathers to address anti-Semitism on campus

 Two upcoming events will address the current climate on campus and prepare students and their...

7/30/2015 9:49:18 AM

Jewish diversity—and consensus

Every Wednesday, I and 37 other JUF Lewis Summer Interns come together in a boardroom to learn...

7/29/2015 2:12:07 PM

JUF Lewis Summer Intern Program welcomes first for-profit placements

In its record-breaking 28th year, the Hillel of Illinois Harriet and Maurice Lewis Summer Intern...

7/6/2015 10:26:53 AM

Rediscovering my faith

How a Loyola University student embraced Judaism again through Hillel 

5/27/2015 4:23:23 PM

Finding ‘my people’

I had voluntarily taken it upon myself to venture into a decidedly Jewish community, and I was...

4/27/2015 3:25:20 PM

Teens and parents learn, discuss state of Jewish life on campus

On April 14, 230 parents and high school students gathered to learn about the challenges and...

4/16/2015 10:57:00 AM

Hillel responds to Loyola student government passing divestment bill

On Tuesday evening, Loyola's student government passed a resolution demanding the university...

3/25/2015 1:48:35 PM

Hillel responds to new BDS campaign at Loyola

Since last year’s similar campaign, tensions have run high at Loyola.

3/13/2015 9:40:13 AM

A view from the upside down world

I’ve been thinking a lot about the reality that our Jewish college students live in today and the...

2/27/2015 9:38:08 AM

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