Campus Beat

Embracing the complexities

As a journalism student, I was taught that there is a truth in every story and that it is my duty...

2/2/2016 12:00:55 PM

Thirty young adults from Illinois campuses to enhance resumes in Israel this summer

Onward Israel addresses many of the obstacles that have prevented larger numbers of young adults...

1/14/2016 3:01:04 PM

JUF mission takes Illinois student leaders of different faiths to Israel

 Non-Jewish students from Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Assyrian and Armenian backgrounds experienced...

1/7/2016 4:18:02 PM

Israel Fellows build dialogue around Israel on campus

Israelis on campus provide students access to rapport, anecdotes, and experiences that build...

12/21/2015 4:03:17 PM

Lewis Summer Intern Program launches for-profit cohort

This year, the Lewis Summer Intern Program plans to double the number of for-profit...

11/10/2015 11:22:49 AM

‘Measuring Excellence’ proves that Hillel makes a difference on campus and beyond

Engaging one student is an art. Engaging 3,000 is a science, and we have the data we need to drive...

10/26/2015 2:31:47 PM

Bradley University Hillel's Seth Katz receives prestigious university award

 Seth Katz, long-time volunteer executive director of Bradley University Hillel, received the...

10/16/2015 9:16:37 AM

College students experience Israel through Hillel Birthright Israel trips

During the last school year, more than 1,200 Chicago area students visited Israel on a free...

9/24/2015 3:01:25 PM

Community gathers to address anti-Semitism on campus

 Two upcoming events will address the current climate on campus and prepare students and their...

7/30/2015 9:49:18 AM

Jewish diversity—and consensus

Every Wednesday, I and 37 other JUF Lewis Summer Interns come together in a boardroom to learn...

7/29/2015 2:12:07 PM

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