JUF leaders and officials speak to the media about the situation

Nov. 20: CBS Channel 2 provides substantial coverage of today's Rally.

Nov. 20: ABC Channel 7 provides substantial coverage of today's Rally for Israel.

Nov. 20: WBBM Radio 780 includes comments by Aaron Cohen about Israel's action to defend itself from Gaza rocket fire

Nov. 19: ABC Channel 7 coverage included interview with Steve Nasatir from Israel and time and place of Nov. 20 Rally for Israel.

Nov. 19: NBC Channel 5 announced rally.

Nov. 19: Fox Channel 32 included a response to the pro-Palestinian demonstration from Aaron Cohen and gave time and place of Nov. 20 rally.

Nov. 19: WGN Channel 9 included a response from Israel Consul General Roey Gilad and included information on the Rally for Israel. 

Nov. 18: Steven Nasatir gives interviews to Israel Radio Kol Yisrael and to the newspaper Ma'ariv.

Nov. 17: WGN Channel 9 reports on the conflict, with JUF Chairman David T. Brown and President Steven B. Nasatir at O'Hare.

Nov. 17: ABC 7  interviews JUF President Steven B. Nasatir at O'Hare as he departs for Israel

Nov. 16: Chicago's Jewish leaders head to Israel amid violence   ABC Channel 7 airs interview with JUF President Steven B. Nasatir.

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