Jewish Federation 2014 Israel Experience Merit Scholarship Award Winners Announced

Congratulations to the eight winners of the 2014 Jewish Federation Naftali Steinfeld Israel Experience Merit Scholarship and the two winners of the 2014 Women's Board Presidential Israel Experience Merit Scholarship!

The Naftali Steinfeld Merit Scholarship Recipients: 

  • Kevin Clair, Fasman Yeshiva High School
  • Paul Dolmon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Rivka Goldmeier, Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov High School
  • David Goldshmidt, Ida Crown Jewish Academy
  • Nechama Neren, Ida Crown Jewish Academy
  • Tali Pelts, Ida Crown Jewish Academy
  • Gavriel Schankerman, Chicagoland Jewish High School
  • Yvette Smith, Lane Tech College Prep. High School 

The Women's Board Presidential Merit Scholarship Recipients:  

  • Leah Karchmer, DePaul University
  • Avital Stein, Ida Crown Jewish Academy

These ten exceptional students were selected from a group of outstanding, dedicated teens and young adults for their involvement in multiple activities (Jewish and secular), their leadership roles, and their ability to be role models for their peers.  Jodie Berkman, Chair of the Academic Scholarship Committee, added, "These recipients exemplify an outstanding commitment to our community through their leadership, accomplishments and dedication to Israel. Our community is so very fortunate to have such accomplished young adults that will continue to model leadership for future generations."

Each merit scholarship recipient will receive $1,000 towards his or her upcoming approved Israel Experience program.  For more information about the Jewish Federation Israel Experience Merit Scholarships, please visit here.

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