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Am I sleeping wrong?

Sometimes I wonder how God rested. Did God take a nap, sleep all day, or get the recommended eight...

9/2/2015 2:39:02 PM

Five tips for finding your Shabbat community on campus

Shabbat shalom away from home 

9/2/2015 2:30:15 PM

Across years and miles, reuniting a Holocaust refugee and the family that sheltered her

It was a reunion seven decades in the making, bringing together a one-time refugee from pre-war...

9/2/2015 2:20:23 PM

Deborah E. Lipstadt to speak at 2015 Annual Meeting

Truth, light, and justice 15 years after landmark trial 

9/2/2015 12:34:22 PM

Easy as ‘aleph-bet’

New JUF Foundation promotes the study of Hebrew and Israeli culture in the public schools 

9/2/2015 12:02:20 PM

Jewish women and men 10 times more likely to inherit breast cancer gene mutation

National expert to speak about hereditary cancers Oct. 14 

9/2/2015 11:39:41 AM


Sim Shalom offers virt-shul reality 

9/1/2015 4:56:59 PM

Rabbi Wendi Geffen leads North Shore Congregation Israel

Geffen will lead one of the largest congregations in the Chicago area, with 1,350 families.

9/1/2015 4:47:33 PM

Freshly grown Judaism: Made in Geneva, Ill.

The link between modern Jews and the ancient Jewish tradition today is called “Jewish...

9/1/2015 4:15:45 PM

‘Temple of the Soul’

Mishkan HaNefesh becomes new, two-volume Reform High Holiday prayer book 

9/1/2015 3:57:53 PM

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