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How one Chicago-based group connects Jewish students around the world

Chicago's Jewish community has watched in horror for five years as one humanitarian tragedy has followed another in Syria.

World December 9, 2016 The toll the war in Syria is taking is overwhelming, in terms of the millions who are its victims, the nations trying to cope with its refugees and, most dramatically, each of the individuals and families devastated. This week the public-affairs program "Sanctu


As a child growing up in Soviet Ukraine, my grandmother gave me 72 kopeks each fall that she called Chanukah gelt.

China Misson

Led by Todd Lustbader, Lee Miller and David Sternberg, the group visited Shanghai, Xian, Beijing and Hong Kong.

We share USHMM’s deep alarm at the hateful rhetoric that occurred at a conference of white nationalists held over the weekend In Washington, D.C.

Alvin Rosenfeld

Indiana University Professor Alvin Rosenfeld discussed anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism at length with members of the Jewish Community Relations Council on Nov. 7.

Syria Panel

For Syrians -- both refugees and those remaining -- the past five and a half years have been a living nightmare with no end in sight.

The resolution, which condemns Israeli actions on the Temple Mount, in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza while ignoring violence and attacks committed by Palestinians against Israeli citizens, only serves to escalate conflict.

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