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High-caliber internet and mobile Jewish Rock Radio station launched

Jewish Rock Radio will serve as a 'missing link' in the Jewish world.

Jewish Rock Radio (, a high-caliber, 24-7 internet radio station, was launched November 1 by St Louis based non-profit, Judaism Alive, to provide a mass communication channel utilizing the power of music to attract, inspire, entertain, and educate Jewish youth while providing information about a variety of meaningful ways to engage in Jewish life.

Jewish Rock Radio is the flagship program of Judaism Alive, a nonprofit 501c3, formed in 2009 to strengthen Jewish identity and connection for youth through their love of music, musical instruments, and online interaction. Judaism Alive was formed by Executive Director and top-touring Jewish music artist, Rick Recht (

Jewish Rock Radio continuous programming features a variety of music from Jewish rock artists from the US, Israel, and the rest of the world as well as interviews with youth from around the U.S. sharing fresh, exciting ways they are engaging in Jewish life through national and international programs. Jewish Rock Radio is broadcast via the internet and mobile phones. Mobile applications are available for iPhones and Android phones as well as Apple's iTouch and iPad devices. Jewish Rock Radio also offers a stand-alone, pop-up player, the JRR Portable Player, which can be launched from partner websites.

"Jewish Rock Radio is far more than a rock radio station - it is a powerful communication channel for the Jewish world," says Judaism Alive Executive Director Rick Recht. "Jewish youth and young adults will now have a medium to share their inspirational experiences as Jews. New, up-and-coming Jewish artists will have a medium to share their music. And young Jewish kids playing instruments can now dream about someday being a Jewish rock star. This has been a vivid reality in the Christian world for decades, and now the Jewish world can experience this powerful vehicle for strengthening Jewish identity and connection."

Jewish Rock Radio will serve as a 'missing link' in the Jewish world providing a channel:

To expose new and established Jewish artists. Jewish Rock Radio will also provide education for artists to professionalize their music and marketing.

For Jewish youth to share their experiences with each other about a variety of national Jewish programs in which they have participated

To inspire and create a 'path' for Jewish youth to participate in Jewish life as Jewish composers, performers, songleaders, and teachers

For Jewish organizations, Jewish businesses, and Jewish music distributors to have an international marketing and publicity mechanism in the Jewish world.

"Even greater than the financial free fall and external challenges to Jewish identity is an internal chasm that is widening between youth and their connection to Judaism. The future of American Jewry hinges on a Judaism of relevance," says Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein, senior rabbi at Temple Israel in Memphis, TN. "Simply put, the window is closing fast on reaching Jewish youth effectively and successfully beyond a small committed core. Jewish internet radio is a slam-dunk formula for success in realizing the goal so elusive in the Jewish world today - reaching Jewish youth successfully through their love of music, online interaction, and high-quality media."

Jewish Rock Radio is targeting a mass of Jewish youth through religious schools, day schools, camping, youth groups, and colleges with a particular focus on affiliated and unaffiliated tweens, teens, and young adults in the U.S. While the programming of Jewish Rock Radio is primarily aimed at an audience of teens through college-aged listeners, adults from 25 to 60 is anticipated to occupy a strong block of listenership.

The Jewish Rock Radio Youth Advisory Board (tweens and high school-aged youth) and the Jewish Rock Radio Senior Youth Advisory Board (college-aged and post-college twenty-somethings) determine the selection of music played on Jewish Rock Radio. Through a blind, online survey process, Jewish Rock Radio Youth Advisory Board members listen to and report their music selections, give input on their favorite Jewish artists, and offer a wide-range of feedback on various topics surrounding Jewish life. Jewish Rock Radio also receives feedback and suggestions from a variety of other sources including the website request form, word of mouth, and from professional distributors of Jewish music.

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